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Dealers have been aware of the alarmingly high turnover rates for their sales staff for years, yet no matter the efforts to retain employees, statistics show an upward trend in employee turnover and dealerships may see up to 8/10 of their sales staff leaving their team in 2021. 

This could be because a multitude of reasons but generally comprises of:

CRMLeads is a leader in the automotive industry by taking all the elements of a successful sales team and uses state of the art technology to promote a happy, healthy and prosperous work environment by enabling salespeople the potential to make a lot of money.  

This sales engagement platform creates one central place for all members of the sales team to sync communications between customers and themselves, making every employee feel included and valued. 

This also allows team leaders to overview the team’s progress with easy to read data reporting to review and go over salespeople with actionable insights on lead management techniques and sales strategies. Sales managers can interact, manage leads, share ideas and inspire employees making this a system that salespeople will rely upon for the simplest way to sell more vehicles. 

Working with CRMLeads will make your sales team feel that your dealership’s key ideologies are aligned with teamwork, excitement and growth which will help retain the employees that fit your dealerships values and invite others who share those beliefs. 

Brand awareness is the result of a massive amount of energy output to your leads. Brand reputation is how others perceive your brand, both must be simultaneously accelerated resulting in overall brand engagement. 

Every interaction with a customer has your dealership’s reputation around it. We must make sure that it is not getting tarnished by the perception of poor attitudes or fake customer service promises due to unorganized sales cycles or lack of insight.  

With your sales teams engaged, motivated and busy with daily tasks to complete, your dealership is bound to be recognized by customers as a professional retailer and by competitors as a force to be reckoned with. 

With each email, text, and phone call portraying professionalism, expertise and dedication to service, your dealership will be able to take market share from other dealers down the road who merely rely upon traditional sales strategies and outdated technology. 

Every lead that has ever slipped through the cracks will soon realize that the dealership they once dealt with now really cares about earning their business through the consistent touch points made to every lead seamlessly through automations and easy to follow tasks.  

Repeat business is the lifeblood of any profitable dealership. Any dealer who can continuously win the attention and trust of their past customers will never have to worry about an outbound marketing strategy ever again. 

If a customer has trusted your dealership to buy from you once, we must do everything in our power to retain that customer’s loyalty and drive them back to the dealership when they are ready to buy again.  

Due to the ever growing competition for automotive dealerships, this can only happen if your sales rep remains in contact with the past customer and remembers the great experience they had with your team. This way the customer will feel as if the salesperson really does care about the relationship they have built while being invited back with the newest promotions, vehicles, trade-in opportunities, service appointments, and referral bonuses.

Following up with past customers is a high priority task but can be a daunting one for a salespeople when they are not sure what to discuss. That’s why Alice keeps in contact with your sold customers automatically through engaging texts and emails and reminds your rep when it’s the right time for a personal touch through a quick conversation using highly personalized phone scripts.

This high level of service will not go unnoticed and will be the reason why your past customer keeps coming back to you even if you’re not the closest dealer or offer the best deals. 

This will continuously grow the dealers book of business without increasing marketing budgets. The platform will automatically reactivate each past customer/lead, nurture your lists, and providing your sales team the potential to secure more lifelong customers.

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