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Benefits You'll Love:

Never let a lead fall through the cracks again. 

The CRM’s easy to view Kanban orientation helps visualize work within the sales process, limit the inflow of leads in progress, and maximize efficiency. 

Now you can view all sales interactions that your salespeople have with every lead, saved and stored. This will keep you in the loop as to which rep is working on which lead, what was said, every email and text, and will give you the ability to join the conversation at any point and take control of the interaction.

The best part with automations is that staying on top of leads is now easier than ever. Any time a lead is becoming cold with non-contact, Alice will remind salespeople to keep working on the lead, and will let you know when work is not being completed so you can review results with your team to better strategies. 

This will help you stay organized with even the largest customer base, enable you to conduct case-by-case training and keep salespeople accountable to their leads.


No task forgotten 

With new leads, deliveries and follow-ups daily, it is easy for tasks to get swept under the rug only and forgotten, to become an issue later on. 

Alice will help to assign tasks to salespeople which she thinks is the most important, which will help reduce the clutter and confusion of fast moving sales processes for the Sales Manager. 

Sales Managers will have the ability to view, edit or share all tasks assigned to sales people including tasks salespeople assign for themselves, assigned for other team members, and assigned by Alice.  

Alice will let you know who is completing which task, if it was completed on time, and even let you know through tracking capabilities which salesperson is claiming to be completing tasks but not actually completing them.

This is clear data you can use to to review and train salespeople and will allow you the ability to make decisions using data, not assumptions. 

Utilize the power of big data to track all major Key Performance Indicators in metrics that you can understand to help drive confident decisions for long term sustainable growth.  

  • Advanced tracking analytics offers a much deeper perspective of underlying issues, pinpointing exact steps that can be improved upon to significantly increase the chances of more deals. 
  • Easy to read custom data visualizations can help you determine salesperson/team performance using our efficiency tracker which provides eye opening insights comparing over 25,000+ dealerships across North America.   
  • Data is compiled into ‘Success Reports’ and are available to management for convenient communication between sales departments and higher-ups. 


Now you can finally track everything you wish you could, and more.

Utilize the power of big data to strengthen your sales team. 

While functionality is great, if performance is not tracked then growth becomes a subjective variable. This means when large quantities of actions are correctly tracked in metrics we know and understand, this can give invaluable insights as to the reality of productivity levels, clear errors in strategies and unarguable accountability.  

In automotive sales, we understand our Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in terms of numbers of phone calls made, closing ratios and time to complete tasks/actions. 

Here we can track major KPI’s to determine insights such as:

  1. Salespersons performance (comparing past performance & other sales staff)  
  2. Efficiency in completing tasks on time
  3. Number of inbound/outbound calls made 
  4. Customer Response Speed (time) compared to industry standards 
  5. Closing ratios 
  6. Which Lead sources are most common and which are performing the best
  7. And much much more!

When large sums of information are imputed accurately and consistently, Alice can detect which stage salespeople are struggling in their sales process and offer insightful and actionable data comparing individual past performance as well as against industry standards.

As a Sales Manager/Team Leader, you will have the ability to view all salespeople’s performance in one easy to view management tab and can easy monitoring this data, reviewing relevant insights with salespeople, using it to train, tweak and to further adjust and improve your already functioning sales process to reach new heights of success with sales goals you only would have dreamed of.

Weekly and monthly ready made reports will be available in the management tab and will be emailed to managers comparing the last performance report and the current one. This will give you a clear indication of your team’s productivity and efficiency in one concise report allowing you see if you are growing or to take actionable steps in which aspects need to be improved. These reports are also a convenient way to illustrate performance to management or stakeholders. 


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