Customer Retention

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Stop wasting money on new prospects & start focusing on those who already know, like & trust you

Most sales strategies only focus on the customer acquisition aspects of the funnel, and end off after the customer has purchased. 

Where they go wrong is that while engaging a customer until the purchase will give you the sale, it will not allow you to reap the immense benefits of the lifetime value of a customer. 

As you know, the vehicle the customer purchased from you is not going to be the last vehicle they are going to buy, so we need to leverage this position of trust the sales rep has created and earn your customers loyalty so that when that sold customer, friend or family member is in the market for a vehicle you are their “go-to salesperson” and they will think of you first.   

The only way to accomplish this is by positioning the sales rep as a professional who knows and understands the customers problems and can properly position themselves as the solution to that problem, not just for this transaction, but through the lifelong relationship of that customer and the salesperson representing the dealer. 

Then how can we can control if customers will come back to the same salesperson, at the same dealership, even though other dealers have the same vehicles and programs? 

It starts from the strong relationship the salesperson built through servicing the customer. Sales reps must not let the sold customer forget about the amazing experience they had at your dealership or they might decide to give their business to a more eager sales rep at another dealership when the time comes. 

To do this we must make sure salespeople are consistent with their communication practices from the first interaction, and can keep the sold customer engaged even after the sale with powerful messaging and well timed phone calls to stay top of mind months and years after the sale. 

A dealer’s inability to implement a follow up system in place is the reason why they lose their trusted customers to other dealers. 

Customers will appreciate the high level of service and eagerness of the sales rep, and will recognize that effort in wanting to do business with only you.

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