Lead Management & Organization

all-inclusive Benefits

Never forget about a lead, task, meeting, missed call, text or email ever again. 

Our robust CRM system helps users track, monitor and communicate effectively to push each lead through the sales process and guarantee that each lead is worked to its maximum potential. 

No matter the source, our lead management and organization systems seamlessly integrate all leads into the CRM, automatically assign them to the correct salesperson and instantly welcome them a personalized email and SMS right from the salesperson to jumpstart the buying journey even before a sales rep can attempt to manually call them.

The Kanban view gives sales reps a clear overview of their leads allows for the easy progression of the lead down their individual sales journey. 

Every interaction with a customer or another team member is documented, recorded and stored for easy access and professional coordination. Traditionally this would be the responsibility of an assistant or receptionist however technology has allowed even smoother processes

Luckly, Alice can do much more for much less. 

How Alice can help your sales team:

Syncing a shared calendar

Reminding team members of events, meetings and tasks

Real-Time Updates

Instantly updating lead information on every users view

Storing Your Deparments Important Files

Easily access and share pictures, videos and documents

Automatically Assigning Leads

From any integrated source to the correct salesperson instantly

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