High Quality Sales Opportunities

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Let Alice help discover all the potential ways you can succeed

With Alice’s deep understanding of the automotive sales process, she can identify various high-quality sales opportunities to engage, convert and retain your leads

She will keep you focused on the warmest leads in your CRM. These daily tasks will comprise the most important activities, also known as ‘high priority tasks’ that need to be completed daily for the best chances of converting the lead to the next stage in the sale. 

Examples of ‘high priority tasks’ would include:

Quickly Responding to Warm Leads

Responding to interested leads SMS/Email in a timely manner

Trying to Get A Hold of New Leads

Calling your most recent leads twice daily for 7 days until getting a response

Retaining Customers

Personally catching up with past customers by calling them (once every two months)

Engaging With Cold Leads

Perfectly timed messages will create opportunities for you to show what you have to offer

Everyday as your leads age, relevant tasks will change accordingly, and will even propose prospecting tips/tricks that could bring leads who the salesperson has lost contact with.  


These valuable tasks take away the guesswork from developing an effective daily schedule which meet most, if not all, the responsibilities associated with connecting, communicating, sharing, closing and retaining leads. Along with any additional tasks assigned by other members of the sales team and you’ve got yourself a productive to-do list. 


By completing these daily tasks, sales reps will take massive action daily in efforts to engage their leads which in turn creates endless opportunities to turn a no into a yes.

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