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Benefits You'll Love:

No more relying upon unorganized excel documents or “up-sheets”, now have one simple and clear platform where you can view, edit and add any leads information, updated in real-time. 

Take detailed notes, send texts, emails, documents, photos or videos all saved and stored within the lead. Not beside your computer when the lead calls? Take the phone call through your mobile application with ease knowing your phone calls are being recorded and notes can be taken afterwards. 

Claim your leads by being the first to respond to the “NEW LEAD” text or email and have the lead assigned to you automatically. Instantly an SMS and email from your behalf will let the lead know you will be in contact with them shortly. Be quick to speak to them and increase your odds of getting a hold of the lead and use the available phone scripts to your disposal in creating a great first impression. 

Stop trying to guess which customer deserves more attention today and let Alice help you. 

Alice helps salespeople easily plan, set and schedule your important day-to-day activities with clear to-do lists within tasks. 

These tasks will comprise prospecting activities, such as reactivating old leads, activation activities such as communicating with your most warm leads and retention activities consisting of personally calling sold customers. 

Alice will assess the progress of each lead and will accurately be able to determine which leads deserve your attention today. If these tasks are fully completed daily on a consistent basis, rest assured your high level of activities will not go unnoticed and will be the reason why your sales goals are conquered. 

Stop wasting your time on tedious tasks like daunting follow-ups with people who do not know, like or trust you. 

Whether you are an veteran salesperson or a new hire, let Alice help consistently brand you to customers as a professional dedicated salesperson who cares about them and the work they do. 

With the click of a button, Alice will help nurture your distant leads while you focus on customers who actually want to do business with you. 

Alice will send engaging messages on your behalf through your business phone number and email address making it look as if you are really physically writing each message. This will give the customer the impression that you really are working to get their business and may be the reason why they decide to work with you over another dealer who they may be considering. 

These engaging messages should only be used once the lead has stopped corrosping with you after you have sufficiently attempted to get a hold of them. These powerful messages will be personalized based on their stage in the sale and will be to try to bring the lead back to a conversation with you. 

Know exactly what to say and how to say it.

Practical training & daily habit building will make you the most successful salesperson in your dealership. With the click of a button, you will have access to the industries greatest tips & tricks from world-renowned sales professionals with step-by-step practices & strategies you can implement in your sales process to boost the chances of conversations. 

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